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Where to Find:

Favorite Water: Normally, I use water from my home filtration / purification system (AQUASANA) and fill up my glass carry bottle (LIFE FACTORY) however while traveling I usually go for Smart Water as it is the healthiest choice of waters found at an airport.

Favorite Coconut Water: Hands down, this one goes to HARMLESS HARVEST. There is approximately 1 coconut per bottle and it is  harvested sustainably and sourced from ecofarms. Don’t shy away from the pink ones, these are the coconuts with the highest amount of antioxidants!

Favorite Moisturizer for Skin and Lips: This is an obvious choice for those of you who know me. Of course, MY favorite is a brand that I co-founded while on a trip to Morocco. At ARGANICA, we source from a women’s argan cooperative where proceeds support the women and children of Essaouira, Morocco.

Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: I have been using essential oils for their therapeutic values for the past 15 years. I use them as antibiotics, as cleaners for my home and office, anti-virals, hand sanitizers and for different ailments. I spent some time at the YOUNG LIVING farms in Utah, a few years back, and even spoke at their national convention in 2010. Got any questions about what to use and how to use them, give me a shout…I am a Certified Aromatherapist!

Favorite Vitamin C: The majority of Vit C on the market is synthetic forms of Vit C and they typically contain ascorbic acid derived from GMO corn. I like Vit C derived from the Acerola cherry the best because it combines Vit C with bioflavanoids (compounds that give fruit skin their vibrant colors). I prefer to buy this in organic and raw powder form (SUNBURST SUPERFOODS) and use it in my shakes or in water. This is the more natural alternative to Airborne.

Favorite Camu Camu Powder: Camu camu comes from deep within the Amazon. It is a fruit that has 30x more Vit C than oranges and it boasts anti-viral properties as well as containing calcium, beta-carotene, potassium, iron, riboflavin, phosphorus, and thiamin. Powdered form added to smoothies and drinks is the way to go! Another organic favorite of mine from SUNBURST SUPERFOODS

Favorite Tea Brand: There is no doubt that TRADITIONAL MEDICINALS is not one of the highest quality, organic, non-GMO, fair wild and kosher brands in the tea market today. What I love about this company is that they take many indigenous herbal medical prescriptions and  transform them into a modern pharmacopeia.

Favorite Un-refrigerated Probiotic: I don’t do so well on dairy, so organic yogurt and kefir are out for me. If you don’t have any dairy sensitivities these two edibles are a good source to keep the gut microbia happy.  If you are looking for an unrefrigerated option of a probiotic that also doubles as a regulator of proper bowel function (for the poop shy traveler) then PRIMAL DEFENSE by Garden of Life is the way to go!




Post SuperBowl Tummy Troubles

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Post game upset stomach? Did you eat and drink yourself into half time hell? Don’t reach for the Nexium, Prilosec or Tums! There are natural alternatives!!!

The Holistic “Prompt” Project questions continue:

Q: What can I do naturally for an upset stomach?

A: In Chinese medicine, an “upset stomach” is often known as a reversal of stomach energy which includes belching, bloating and gas. The trans fats found in fried foods irritate the stomach lining and increase acidity and the backflow of this acid into the esophogus is what causes “reflux”.

Here are some of my natural suggestions:
1. BRAGG’s Apple Cider Vinegar (it improves alkalinity when the body is in an acidic state) (
2. Lily of the Desert Stomach Formula (
3. Yogi Tea brand “STOMACH EASE” (
4. Adding Enzymes like Garden of Life “Ω-ZYME” will help you improve digestibility of foods that are devoid of enzymes (all cooked and fried foods have little to no enzymatic action because they have been destroyed in the heat process of cooking) (
5. Try to eat smaller meals and spread them out throughout the day.
6. Don’t eat and drink at the same time…the liquid will dilute the stomach acids needed to break down the food you are eating.
7. Inhale a combination of Peppermint and Ginger Essential oils


Acupuncture Improves Blood Pressure

by admin on February 3, 2013

A new study finds that Acupuncture has a direct effect on our blood pressure system (hemodynamics) and our sympathetic nervous system (our fight or flight response). Studies show that Acupuncture of 1 point (namely LV3, located on the foot) can directly decrease systolic blood pressure!!! This is a BIG deal for those seeking a natural way to deal with borderline high blood pressure! Systolic measurement is the upper number of the two numbers you are given when you have your pressure checked. “eg…120/80″. This systolic number reflects how much force your heart muscle is using while it contracts and how much pressure is reflected in your arterial system (arteries move blood from your heart to your body).  Another good reason to seek Acupuncture!!!




Q: Why do I “ache” after Acupuncture?

A: This “ache” actually occurs not only after Acupuncture but also after Massage, a Chiropractic adjustment, a Physical Therapy visit or most commonly after a hard workout. I often call this “delayed onset muscle soreness” to my patients because it is a common feeling of being sore after an intense workout.

The reason for the soreness is that the body is naturally reacting to trauma done to the skeletal muscles by creating a local inflammatory response where the needle was placed. When I “release muscle tension” by way of my Acupuncture needles, I am creating a slight micro-trauma to the skeletal muscle and fascial system. When someone has an injury that causes their muscles to become tight and restricted (e.g., surgery scars, a fall, repetitive strain, poor posture, etc) it does not allow proper blood supply or lymph drainage through the area thus causing hypoxia to occur (lack of oxygen) and sluggish lymph. Acupuncture has a direct effect on the focal blood supply to the area causing a slight histamine reaction in the general area of where the needles are placed (you all know what a histamine reaction is if you’ve ever been bit by a mosquito!)

Bringing increased circulation to areas of muscle tightness sparks the bodies natural immune system to kick in and an increase of white blood cells and lymph rush to the area of micro-trauma causing healing to take place immediately.

Basically, I get to use my Acupuncture needles as a guidance system for your body in which I get to tell it where it needs to pay attention to heal itself. Totally cool!

There is some correlation to the release of oxidative stress to cells after trauma so it is a great idea to supplement with a great Omega Fatty Acid supplement or one of my super favorites is to use Curamin.

Water with sliced organic lemon or lime is perfect to help alkaline your body system after you’ve had any body work.


So, I asked a patient and friend to prompt me with “alternative medicine” questions daily so I can compile a list of all the random info I happen to have shoved into my brain along the way of “all things natural”…she agreed to be the catalyst to bring them all out of me and I encourage any of you who have any holistic health questions to jump on the “question Bianca with holistic medicine questions bandwagon”…

Q: Can you put essential oils directly on a pimple?
A: Yes. You can indeed put a therapeutic grade essential oil on a pimple. I stress the use of “therapeutic grade” BECAUSE not all EO’s are the same. Most commercial brand EO’s use heat extraction to pull the oil from the source. Heat may help yield higher amounts of liquid HOWEVER it also causes the therapeutic bonds that make the oil “medicinal” to break thus making it totally ineffective.

My suggestions for a pimple: LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA to be used as an anti-inflammatory combined with BOSWELLIA CARTERII which heals skin tissue. These would be my first choice.

One more thing, if you get pimples or acne it could be related also to what you are using to wash your face with. If you are using anything that has alcohol in it (look at your labels…usually anything that ends with the letters -ol  means alcohol) dries you out and your bodies amazing natural reaction is to create MORE sebum (oil) so you then are battling a vicious cycle.

KEEP HYDRATED also. HYDRATION IS KEY! The more toxic you are on the inside, the more the toxins are going to try to find a way out and yes, that means through your skin!