On the day of your initial visit, you will have completed a comprehensive evaluation intake form (right).

Please bring this form with you to your initial visit filled out as thoroughly as possible, as all of the questions being asked are important in a holistic diagnostic model. Your answers will form a pattern of your own landscape, which will eventually define the clinical scene of your disharmony.

Please read the Sacred Space Acupuncture Information sheet, and complete the Physician’s Advisory/Informed Consent form. You can bring these forms to your initial visit as well.

After we have reviewed your information together, you will change into loose, comfortable clothing such as shorts and a tank, which will make accessing meridian points easiest to reach.

The examination will consist of a “typical” evaluation from an Oriental medicine perspective: a look at your tongue and reading of your pulse combined with palpation of both the abdomen and areas of tenderness along meridian channels which may correlate to your complaints. The ability to tap into your “holding pattern” becomes the key to a successful treatment.

The insertion of needles come next, in which one often finds themselves enter into a state of deep relaxation. The needles are chosen specifically for their individual function and how they relate to your disharmonies. The acupuncture needles  might be slightly manipulated in order to connect with the underlying fascia until a typical feeling of dullness or spreading ache occurs.

After the needles have been placed in their appropriate points, you will be left to rest. At this time you might fall asleep, enter even deeper into a tranquil state, or have emotions wax and wane. All or none of this is fine; your experience will be uniquely yours.

The needles will be removed and you will then begin your journey into further feeling and noticing slight or significant differences within your mind, body and/or emotional senses. The time between sessions is when the healing really begins.