“With only three weeks left on Ushers OMG World tour, I re-injured a torn ligament in my ankle. After seeing an ankle specialist, I was required to walk in a boot because without it i could literally feel my foot disconnect from my ankle. The swelling lasted so long that I was constantly feeling tingling sensations shoot up my ankle. Bianca gave me a few acupuncture treatments and worked with me daily to make sure I was on that stage every night! After the show Bianca coached me through ice baths while encouraging me to push through the pain. For those of you who know how cold ice baths and how painful they may be, they also can do wonders for the body. But without her there I wouldn’t have been able to take it! Calling Bianca a life saver is to say the least, with out her I wouldn’t have been able to finish out one the the best experiences of my life. As a dancer injuries are common. But when you get one so bad that you can no longer perform, you should hope to find someone half as knowledgeable and understanding as Bianca. “ 

- Liz LeGrande , Dancer, USHER OMG WORLD TOUR

“Bianca and I met during the USHER OMG tour. There’s nothing else I could say about Bianca other than the word incredible and that she’s a Magician and I’m glad to have worked with her because through her knowledge and treatments, she has given me the opportunity to truly understand my body as a professional dancer and choreographer. I call her a magician because she took care of me immediately when my neck seized during a performance. She was the biggest help and thankfully got me back on stage the following night!” 

- Marc ‘Marvelous’ , Dancer, USHER OMG WORLD TOUR

“When I came to Bianca, I had been suffering from tendonitis in my wrists for 3 years. As a violinist, my condition was debilitating to my career. I had seen many orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and other body workers before I found Bianca. None of them had been able to properly diagnosis the origin of my pain–something Bianca nailed in the first 5 minutes of our session. With this knowledge, Bianca has been able to relieve me of pain and prevent further injury–something Western doctors had told me could only be achieved through rest and cortisone injections. Thanks to Bianca, I can once again participate in the intense rehearsal and performance schedules that are part of a musician’s life. Bianca’s professional skill and knowledge are matched only by the warmth of her personality. It is truly comforting to be in her hands.” 

- Sage Cole , Violinist

“Bianca is incredibly knowledgeable and truly gifted. She combines all of her education to assess and treat the body from a holistic approach. As a fellow health care practitioner, I have tremendous respect for her work. I trust her with my body and always recommend her to my patients. Bianca has helped me through many injuries over the years and most recently she did acupuncture during the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy. The baby and I both responded really well to her work. I had a great labor and the baby came right on time.” 

- Michelle Rodriguez, MPT, OCS, CMPT , President Manhattan Physio Group

TheProducers Being a Broadway dancer, Bianca has saved me on many occasions. I once came to her on crutches with a pulled calf muscle, unable to walk. But immediately after my Acupuncture treatment, I walked without even the need for one crutch! She also played a vital role in my recovery process from shoulder surgery. With combining physical therapy & her acupuncture, I was able to return to my show strong & ready to perform. I am very thankful to and for Bianca. She has kept me up & kicking! 

- Robert Fowler, The Producers (Broadway) Original Tony Winning Cast

DirtyDancing Three years ago I was taking 3 different allergy pills a day and going to physical therapy 3 times a week for plantar fasciitis. A friend recommended Bianca Beldini and my life changed after my first visit. I was in a full blown allergy attack and coming down with bronchitis when I first saw Bianca and after 6 visits, for the first time in my life I was able to enjoy summer without a runny nose or getting bronchitis from my allergies. The physical therapy 3 times a week for my Plantar Fascaiitis didn’t make any difference; I would leave the office in tears and often not be able to walk the rest of the evening. After seeing Bianca I had no pain for the first time in weeks, I was able to walk with out crying. I quit PT and within a couple of months I was walking all over the city again something that 6 months of PT could not accomplish, Bianca did in 8 weeks. 

- Christina M. Ainge, Wardrobe Supervisor Dirty Dancing National Tour

EllenOstrom As a professional dancer in the New York City Ballet, acupuncture has played a crucial role in my career. I came to Bianca 5 years ago with neck and shoulder pain that took over a year and 10 different doctors to diagnose correctly. Throughout this year I received physical therapy and chiropractic treatments that actually made my pain worse. As this injury continued to keep me from dancing I began to accept my fear that it would end my career. At this point I began acupuncture treatments with Bianca and after only a handful of sessions I finally felt some relief! I no longer had a constant headache or numbness and tingling in my arms, and I soon gained back my range of motion. I was able to fully recover from my injury and return to dancing with the company and it would not have been possible without Bianca’s treatments. Even now that I’m back dancing i still have sessions with Bianca at least once a month. There have been so many instances where I thought I’d have to miss a show because physical therapy or massage were not enough to relieve my pain, but with only a few of Bianca’s needles I’d be back on stage, with the audience none the wiser! She’s my “secret weapon”! 

- Ellen Ostrom, corps de ballet NYC Ballet

Phantom Bianca breaks the mold when it comes to Eastern medicine. In just a few visits, she evaluated my injury and structure and immediately released my muscular spasms which reduced my pain. I’ve suffered from chronic lower back injuries combined with the high stress levels of daily rehearsals and performances yet these are all easily managed through her regular care. I couldn’t be more thankful to her. 

- Paul Schaefer, “Raoul” u/s, Phantom of the Opera, Broadway

ChorusLine Bianca is a master at the artistry of healing. Being a dancer, pain is expected and accepted as part of my daily life. In Bianca’s care, I was able to have relief from the constant pain. Her hands and needles are pain dissolvers. They allow me to be without pain so I can perform to the best of my ability. My body is my career, and I only trust it with Bianca. She was the one who had me on stage, dancing for my last show in a Chorus line on Broadway after I tore my hamstring and no one said it was possible. Her astounding range of anatomical knowledge combined with an amazing healing spirit makes her healing the epitome of physical and spiritual relief. 

- Heather Parcells, Actor “Judy” in A Chorus Line

CraigHall Bianca has been my acupuncturist for more than 2 years now and within that time I’ve been more than satisfied. As soon as you walk into Sacred Space you are transported to a calm and peaceful, zen-like world. I’ve had acupuncture by a few others but it’s Bianca’s personality, the calm and ease that she radiates, that sets her apart. Being a dancer with the New York City Ballet, and spending most of my days jumping, turning or hoisting females over my head, my body takes a pretty good beating. I’ve had two surgeries in my ten year career and Bianca has seen me through this last one. Currently, I have been using Acupuncture for taking care of my tight muscles and prevention of re-injury. Bianca has had over a decade’s experience as a physical therapist and knows exactly how a dancer’s body works. She understands intuitively what needs to be focused on during our sessions and I often don’t have to tell her what hurts anymore, she just “knows”. I’ve never been a fan of needles, they’ve scared me since I was a kid yet knowing that Bianca’s with you every step of the way is comforting and trusting. She talks to you, makes you laugh, explains everything she’s going to do so you understand it all. You never get that “I’m getting a shot” feeling with her. By the time she’s finished needling you and thoroughly massaging your muscles with her essential oils you feel like a new person. There have been many occasions where by the end of the week my body’s exhausted and I can’t even bend down to tie my shoes without going into spasm. I call on Bianca’s healing hands and by the next day I’m back on my feet twirling and lifting pain free. Bianca’s an angel. She takes care of you like you’re her own child (and she’s got magic in those hands!) 

- Craig Hall, Soloist New York City Ballet

Anne Sommers, Cancer Survivor

Anne Sommers, Cancer Survivor

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks of Bianca as a lifesaver. After all, her many clients know they can rely on her to accurately diagnose and treat muscular, nerve or skeletal problems, or ease or dissolve aches and pains with her seemingly mystic touch. Her well placed (almost) painless needles relieve pressure, tension, and anxiety.
For me, however, when I say Bianca is a lifesaver, I am being literal. Very literal.                   (click picture to read the entire testimonial)